Learn how to photograph nature

Nature photography – comprehensive workshops

During the 1 and 3-day workshops you will learn how to photograph all aspects of nature surrounding you. The program of the workshops include:

– landscape photography – photography of animals, birds and plants – macrophotography and close-up photography

We will photograph all kinds of animate and inanimate objects in our environment. Landscape photography will teach you important principles of composition. In photography of animals you will learn to capture wildlife, as well as pets and farm animals. In bird photography you will see how to take photos of dynamic groups of birds secretly, upon approach and out of the car. You will become familiar with the rules of image composition, as well as how and where to search for different species of birds. On this occasion we will visit interesting locations which will give us the opportunity to document mesmerizing species and natural sites.

In case of plants you will become privy to tricks used by many photographers. While studying macrophotography and close-up photography, you will acquire knowledge about how to use different types of focal lengths and M42 lenses, so as to obtain fascinating bokeh effects. An important element will be the creation of the so-called „macro magic” in which a fairytale background in the form of a circular glare plays a key role. You will learn how to take photos in a 1: 1 scale and smaller with the use of different lenses, accessories and equipment in general.

You will discover how to use a mobile phone in close-up photography so that the picture you take is not just another banal frame. You will have the opportunity to test dozens of different kinds of solutions, ranging from manual m42 lenses, used with a variety of filters, to bellows and caps.