The idea of my workshops is to provide you with knowledge about how to photograph the beauty of nature surrounding us in a creative and interesting way. In class you will learn different techniques of digital photography, as well as how to use lenses and various accessories. Another important element of the workshop will be learning non-standard techniques, which create a „fairytale” reality.

Photography speaks primarily in images, so in addition to reading descriptions of individual classes please also take a look at the photo gallery relevant for each workshop. If the presented photographs prove interesting to you and you want to take similar ones, it means that my workshops are perfect for you. Due to the fact that I am also a naturalist with many years of experience, photographing wildlife, finding interesting sites, habitats and species is an additional knowledge you will gain after participating in the workshop.

Good photos are primarily a result of knowledge, good frame, technique and light. Believe me that a lot of pictures available on this website have been taken with equipment worth no more than a few dozen Euros. There are also photos taken with „posh” sets. You will not be able to tell them apart.

Therefore, my aim is also to provide you with knowledge of how to obtain great results even on a tight budget. I invite you to read the descriptions of workshops and of course participate in them. But the workshop is not everything … I also invite you to go with me on photographic expeditions, which are described on this website.

See you in the field!