Learn how to create macro magic and close-up frames

The 1-day and 3-day workshops focus on all aspects of macrophotography and close-up photography. During classes we will take pictures at different times of the day, in sunshine, in cloudy weather and using a lot of additional accessories.

We will concentrate on compositions that can be called „magic” or „fairy-tale” macro. In this type of pictures a key role is played by a background consisting of characteristic stains. There are a lot of solutions! However, you can be sure that in less than three days we will be able to discuss and test all of them thoroughly. Before reading, take a moment to check out the Gallery (we will take such pictures during the workshops).

The issues that will be tested in practice include:

– Close-up photography and macrophotography

– Equipment needed for macrophotography and close-up photography

– Cameras, lenses, tripods and camera heads in macrophotography

– „Macro magic” – creating fabulous scenery using old M42 lenses and mirror lenses

– Accessories used in macrophotography – (extension rings, lenses, converters, bellows, lamps, diffusers, caps, extension tubes, reflectors, etc.)

– Accessories displayed on the table (see Gallery) – you will use them in class

– The art of spotting interesting frames

– My own tricks and techniques

– Obtaining extreme close-ups in practice

– Photography of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, including arachnids

– Composition in macrophotography

– Light in macro- and close-up photography – artificial and natural

– Basic techniques of macro shooting using SLR and compact cameras

– Photographing insects in flight

– Technical work in the studio – working with live insects and spiders; single images and stacking

– Photography of morning dew on grass

– Photography of flowers and fungi – close-up pictures stacking

– Creative close-up photography against the light.

– Taking macro photos using equipment worth several dozen Euro – we will also test such solutions in practice.